The Planets Series

To begin, I love Classical music!

In my freshman year in high school, I was introduced to the works of Gustav Holst through a class that one would most likely hear the classics: Marching Band.  We played his major work, “The Planets”,  for halftime shows, competitions, etc.; but as awesome a feeling as playing in front of a thousand or so screaming adolescent football fans, it’s nothing compared to listening to the ACTUAL works themselves.  I’m talking full orchestra, no revisions, ALL emotion and ALL phenomenal compositions.  It’s then I read about the pieces, and I discovered that this is basically where the greatest scifi movie soundtracks got their inspirations!

WELL!  That explains a lot!, think I.

Fast forward to now!  After being inspired by The Planets once again, I decided to begin a series of 7 paintings inspired by this immortal work (one for each movement).  Each planet is represented by a character based on the movement’s subtitle OR their respective Roman God/Goddess.

Note: Series still in progress, but I will display them as I go.  ^_^