MLP: A Fanart Series

So, here’s a thing that happened! (so many good stories have happened that way!  ^_^)

My beautiful wife Jenn is a HUGE inspiration on my work and an even MORE HUGE fan of the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!!  There’s no problem with that, cuz quite frankly, I love it too!  It really is a well-made show with tons of humor, boatloads of drama, some epic duels here and there, and it actually teaches the importance of the things that make up being a good friend to others.  Also, it’s pretty awesome how what was at first perceived as a girl’s show has developed its own subculture of boys AND girls ages 8 to 80 called the Bronies!

But I digress…

Jenn came up to me one day and asked me to paint human versions of the Mane 6 (the six main characters of the show).  All I can say is, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!  So, I set out to do so with the Fantasy twist I usually put on!  I’m always on the lookout for ideas for these guys, nut here’s what I got so far.  Enjoy!