Back from Las Vegas!!

Sorry for the delay!

I’ve been in Las Vegas for the past week, and the airport didn’t let me bring any paint…I soaked it all in, and now I’m back at the easel!  Got a painting almost done, so stay tuned!



05/24/16 – “Make It So!” Star Trek Art Show

A bit small, but man was it cool! Sebastian (left) seemed to think so! ^_^

Artist’s log, Stardate -30665.5*

I reflect on the past weekend, in which I journeyed to a very different environment in a very familiar site.  But to begin this tale, I take you back to the week prior…

At the Gilruth Center at NASA, a new friend of mine told me of a new show happening at the Hardy and Nance Street Studios, and she happened to know the organizer. And as it turns out, so did I!

So through my friend’s texts, I was thinking led if I could get 2themed pieces to her by that Wednesday, I’d be in!

2 sleepless days later, here were my results!

These modest entries are based on scenes from the same episode from the Original Series: “The Empath”, one of the most beautifully done episodes of the season.  Needless to say, I got ’em in, and when the night of the Show came around, my son Sebastian and I were ready!

This show had everything: toy phasers and communicators from the original series, all shows represented through various media on canvas, a projected image of the Enterprise bridge, and Star Trek: the Motion Picture playing on the opposite wall!  Showing art to Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack…Epic!

Simply put, great show everybody!  Thank you to Stäcy for giving me the opportunity to show there, and especially to my new friend Daria for telling me about it!  Until next time, Monnich out.


–end log entry–

*calculated using the Star Trek Stardate Calculator