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5/16/2016 – Tale of the Big Weekend

First, let me bring you up to speed…

There have been a lot of pics I haven’t posted throughout the past year, so they will be posted momentarily.  Very few shows (of note, at least) have happened since last posting…that is until this last weekend, where I actually had the opportunity to participate in 2 shows back-to-back!

DAY 1: “Artists On Board”


5/13 @ Galerie Spectra

This show was organized by ArtDeckCo. and hosted by Galerie Spectra in Memorial City Mall.  Basically, the gallery gives you a truck-less skateboard deck and turns you loose to do whatever you want with it.  Naturally, I was completely stoked!  People from all over the country (and different parts of the World) turned in some really impressive stuff (as shown in the images above)!!  Below is MY humble contribution…


No sales I’m afraid, but they WILL be on display for the rest of the month, THEN they’ll be showing nationwide throughout the year.

DAY 2: Earth, Sky & Space Fine Art Show


5/15 – Gilruth Center @ (more like NEAR) Johnson Space Center

Yup, that’s right!  Friggin’ NASA!!  The guys at Galerie Spectra got a place in the historical place that was our starting line in the Space Race!  Neal Armstrong, Jim Lovell, friggin’ JOHN GLENN launched into space from here!…

…and they practically stick us in the shack in the backyard.

Needless to say, not many people showed up, generally because we were so hard to find.  BUT, I will say that it wasn’t a total loss.  The time was spent hanging out with veteran artists with extraordinary talent, learned some great tips to help me grow as an artist, and even got some painting in (more on that later!)!

So, that was pretty much it.  I’ll get the new stuff uploaded as soon as I can!



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This is the official blog of Louis Monnich II, a Houston artist who's principal interests are Surrealism, Fantasy, and Renaissance styles. My thoughts (as well as a few tales I've compiled over the years) are also going to be included. So welcome to all of you, and have fun seeing what goes on in my head. ^_^ ~LM

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