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New Items for Sale at Shows!!!

Hello again, World!!

It has been quite a while since I wrote in this thing (almost a year…sorry guys…), but a lot has happened during that time…

…and here it is in a nutshell!

No shows since the last time…UNTIL at least 5 months later when I was invited into my first indoor show at a proper studio.  No success in the sales department, but I learned so much in terms of presentation, prepping paintings to look better and loads more!


Right at New Year’s Eve, I was thinking about finding new ways to bring in a bit more income…something practical, a bit more tangible, and just downright cute enough to work…


(from left) Lumyna the White Mage of Light; Leah the Lost Girl

Then it occurred to me!  Quickly, I got out a crochet hook and different colors of yarn and got to work.

The result: THESE GUYS!!!

That’s right.  I, Louis Monnich, am making dolls based on subjects of my paintings (and a bit more)!!

They will be going on sale during shows in the future, and they will have their own site once I have enough to sell online!  Here are some of the ones I got so far!


(from left)The Great Wizard A’zul; Forest Keeper

Naturally as I progress with paintings, I will continue to write up new doll designs in the mix too.  As you can see, they turned out to be quite adorable (I was surprised myself!  ^_^  ), and they can’t WAIT to see where their new home will be.  So again, to adopt these cuties for now, you gotta come and see me when I appear in shows in the area, or give me a shout out and I’ll see what I can do to get ’em to ya!  Hope you like!

Doll price: $25 each

Gotta go for now.  See you guys in the next one!!


P.S. STAY TUNED to see what else I’ll be dabbling in.  The creativity shall never stop!


About Louis Monnich II - That 1 Guy Who Paints

This is the official blog of Louis Monnich II, a Houston artist who's principal interests are Surrealism, Fantasy, and Renaissance styles. My thoughts (as well as a few tales I've compiled over the years) are also going to be included. So welcome to all of you, and have fun seeing what goes on in my head. ^_^ ~LM

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