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IN WHICH Louis finally goes PUBLIC!!!

ALRIGHT!!! As if last Thursday, three of my new paintings are now on display!!!! For those who are in the Houston area, check out my work at Inversion Coffee House on :

1953 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX

The pieces on display are on sale as well, so contact me (all my info is on the wall as well) if you’re interested! I’ll post images of them here when I get them, AND I will also be selling prints of them on!!

Hope to hear from ya!


About Louis Monnich II - That 1 Guy Who Paints

This is the official blog of Louis Monnich II, a Houston artist who's principal interests are Surrealism, Fantasy, and Renaissance styles. My thoughts (as well as a few tales I've compiled over the years) are also going to be included. So welcome to all of you, and have fun seeing what goes on in my head. ^_^ ~LM

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