Back from Las Vegas!!

Sorry for the delay!

I’ve been in Las Vegas for the past week, and the airport didn’t let me bring any paint…I soaked it all in, and now I’m back at the easel!  Got a painting almost done, so stay tuned!



05/24/16 – “Make It So!” Star Trek Art Show

A bit small, but man was it cool! Sebastian (left) seemed to think so! ^_^

Artist’s log, Stardate -30665.5*

I reflect on the past weekend, in which I journeyed to a very different environment in a very familiar site.  But to begin this tale, I take you back to the week prior…

At the Gilruth Center at NASA, a new friend of mine told me of a new show happening at the Hardy and Nance Street Studios, and she happened to know the organizer. And as it turns out, so did I!

So through my friend’s texts, I was thinking led if I could get 2themed pieces to her by that Wednesday, I’d be in!

2 sleepless days later, here were my results!

These modest entries are based on scenes from the same episode from the Original Series: “The Empath”, one of the most beautifully done episodes of the season.  Needless to say, I got ’em in, and when the night of the Show came around, my son Sebastian and I were ready!

This show had everything: toy phasers and communicators from the original series, all shows represented through various media on canvas, a projected image of the Enterprise bridge, and Star Trek: the Motion Picture playing on the opposite wall!  Showing art to Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack…Epic!

Simply put, great show everybody!  Thank you to Stäcy for giving me the opportunity to show there, and especially to my new friend Daria for telling me about it!  Until next time, Monnich out.


–end log entry–

*calculated using the Star Trek Stardate Calculator

5/16/2016 – Tale of the Big Weekend

First, let me bring you up to speed…

There have been a lot of pics I haven’t posted throughout the past year, so they will be posted momentarily.  Very few shows (of note, at least) have happened since last posting…that is until this last weekend, where I actually had the opportunity to participate in 2 shows back-to-back!

DAY 1: “Artists On Board”


5/13 @ Galerie Spectra

This show was organized by ArtDeckCo. and hosted by Galerie Spectra in Memorial City Mall.  Basically, the gallery gives you a truck-less skateboard deck and turns you loose to do whatever you want with it.  Naturally, I was completely stoked!  People from all over the country (and different parts of the World) turned in some really impressive stuff (as shown in the images above)!!  Below is MY humble contribution…


No sales I’m afraid, but they WILL be on display for the rest of the month, THEN they’ll be showing nationwide throughout the year.

DAY 2: Earth, Sky & Space Fine Art Show


5/15 – Gilruth Center @ (more like NEAR) Johnson Space Center

Yup, that’s right!  Friggin’ NASA!!  The guys at Galerie Spectra got a place in the historical place that was our starting line in the Space Race!  Neal Armstrong, Jim Lovell, friggin’ JOHN GLENN launched into space from here!…

…and they practically stick us in the shack in the backyard.

Needless to say, not many people showed up, generally because we were so hard to find.  BUT, I will say that it wasn’t a total loss.  The time was spent hanging out with veteran artists with extraordinary talent, learned some great tips to help me grow as an artist, and even got some painting in (more on that later!)!

So, that was pretty much it.  I’ll get the new stuff uploaded as soon as I can!


New Items for Sale at Shows!!!

Hello again, World!!

It has been quite a while since I wrote in this thing (almost a year…sorry guys…), but a lot has happened during that time…

…and here it is in a nutshell!

No shows since the last time…UNTIL at least 5 months later when I was invited into my first indoor show at a proper studio.  No success in the sales department, but I learned so much in terms of presentation, prepping paintings to look better and loads more!


Right at New Year’s Eve, I was thinking about finding new ways to bring in a bit more income…something practical, a bit more tangible, and just downright cute enough to work…


(from left) Lumyna the White Mage of Light; Leah the Lost Girl

Then it occurred to me!  Quickly, I got out a crochet hook and different colors of yarn and got to work.

The result: THESE GUYS!!!

That’s right.  I, Louis Monnich, am making dolls based on subjects of my paintings (and a bit more)!!

They will be going on sale during shows in the future, and they will have their own site once I have enough to sell online!  Here are some of the ones I got so far!


(from left)The Great Wizard A’zul; Forest Keeper

Naturally as I progress with paintings, I will continue to write up new doll designs in the mix too.  As you can see, they turned out to be quite adorable (I was surprised myself!  ^_^  ), and they can’t WAIT to see where their new home will be.  So again, to adopt these cuties for now, you gotta come and see me when I appear in shows in the area, or give me a shout out and I’ll see what I can do to get ’em to ya!  Hope you like!

Doll price: $25 each

Gotta go for now.  See you guys in the next one!!


P.S. STAY TUNED to see what else I’ll be dabbling in.  The creativity shall never stop!


Thank you guys SOOOO much for coming to see me at the show!   It was so awesome to see some old faces and meeting so many new ones.  The Forest Keeper doll has a new home (thank you Jennifer Calderin!! You rock!!), and Medusa was the all-around favorite of the paintings!  I will have more dolls for the next show, and a few more original paintings as well, so stay tuned for the next date!!


7/3/14 – Taking the Heights Again!! Also: new pics coming soon!

So much time between blogs, so many things happening at once! Throughout this time, I’ve had 2 job changes (the last one was the BEST one), ventured outside Houston to do a show in Dickinson, and also did a street festival that wasn’t very successful for anybody there.

BUT…when you have a dry spell one show, you still get a lot of exposure. And, the next show promises to be a great one!

This Saturday, the Lovely and I shall return to the First Saturday Arts market for the last time this year (spaces run out there SOOO fast), and this time they’re running it at night! According to the owner, Mitch Cohen, the night shows are usually packed, so I am more than excited about showing! For those who are familiar with my work, the Wizard will not be making an appearance this round unfortunately. However, he is nonetheless for sale still, and prints will be available too! I’m bringing a drum too, so come on down, bring your drum if you got one, and let’s have some fun!

And here comes the info:

First Saturday Arts Market
548 W. 19th St.
Houston TX. 77008
Times: 6:00pm-10:00pm

IN OTHER NEWS: I also have two more finished paintings just waiting to be posted, so stay tuned for those. One for the POV series and another in the spirit of high fantasy.  I shall post them when I have the time to do so today.

Hope to see you guys at the show!

3/19/14 Countdown to the Show BEGIN!

For those who still check the blog out, sorry for being away for so long, but a lot has happened since last time.  As you know, I’ve officially gotten into the First Saturday Arts Market in The Heights in Houston.  I got the supplies I need for the actual exhibit (tent, hangy-things, etc.), and I’m also working on one other painting for the show (wanted 3 paintings done, but that’s another story).  Now I got 2 weeks until the actual show begins, and I am way too friggin’ excited for my own health!  I’ll post info about the show later, but for now I gotta go.  See you guys later!

IN WHICH Louis goes back to his crochet habit!

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to say that as of November, I am officially a business owner and am ready to do art shows!  I went to a few conventions and the Texas Renaissance Festival this year, and I realized there are a few things I am missing.  One of them is a proper sign.  I also realized that I cannot AFFORD a proper sign to be made…

…and then it occurred to me!

I had one trick up my sleeve I haven’t shown you guys yet: CROCHET!  Quickly, I grabbed lots and lots of yarn and an I-hook, a crochet mastery book, created a pattern on Illustrator, and set to work!

The result is THIS!!the-signThis flag is about half my size, and it shall hang just outside my tent at any art show I do! Also a way showing off before you come and see the real stuff!

All I need now is a stand to hang it on…..